About Katharine

stone-hengeI was introduced to tea leaf reading at an early age by my grandmother who used to be a highland seer and do it for me. As she was telling me what she saw in my tea cup, I would look into it with her and wonder why she saw all the things that she was talking about. As a child I would read my own tea leaves and was nicknamed the tea granny. When I matured into adulthood the images became clear and I could better understand them. I would do readings for family and friends around the table after dinner or afternoon tea; soon people started coming back to tell me that the things I said were really coming true. In 2002 I met a friend that introduced me to others who became my mentors and I learned to expand my abilities to reading cards as well as mediumship. I started doing readings at the Psychic Fairs and found it fulfilling to give people insight into their lives so that they can be better prepared for upcoming events. My daughters are also sensitives as well as some of my grandchildren. I believe that everyone is capable of being aware of their own psychic gifts; all they need to do to develop their abilities is take some workshops and practice often.

We are all one in Spirit.

Love and Light to You, Katharine.